Management structure

The MODFIRE project will have a management structure with three decision-making bodies:

  • the Project Coordination (PC),

  • the Project Steering Committee (PSC) 

  • the Project Task Leaders (PTL)

  • and one consultation panel (CP).

The PC will be led by the PI, Susete Marques, and will include the co-PI José Borges, and the PhD to be contracted. It will be assisted by ISA’s computing and administrative departments. The PC will be responsible for the implementation of Task 1 to 4 and thus for planning, monitoring and reporting the work progress and for overseeing the interaction with consultants and the communication and dissemination strategy. 

The PSC will assist the PC in scientific and technological coordination matters, to support the implementation of work and financial plan. It will include the PI and one representative per partner – L. Ferreira from IPL, V. Bushenkov from UE, P.Fernandes from UTAD and M. Sottomayor from UCP.


The PTL will coordinate the respective research activities, carry out the validation and status reporting and ensure consistency within the approaches. It will be responsible for strengthening the multidisciplinary exchange and cooperation within the tasks and other relevant research activities and for meeting the milestones.